Using Zoom To Access Live Online Classes

If you have not used Zoom before, please don’t worry. You just need a laptop with a camera, or a smartphone, or tablet. I use my laptop for teaching purposes, but it works well on a phone or on a tablet too.

If you
have not used Zoom before, you will need the App on your phone, or on your tablet, or computer.

  • You don’t need to sign up for a Zoom account; you just need it downloaded on your phone, tablet or computer for the class to work
  • When you click on a link to your first online Zoom class it should prompt you on how to download everything you need
  • You may be asked to let Zoom access the microphone on your device or your computer; please click OK otherwise I won’t be able to hear you. You may see a prompt saying “To hear others please join audio”. Please click “Call using internet audio
  • Likewise, you may be asked to let Zoom access your camera; again click OK or I won’t be able to see you
  • It might seem a bit like a faff when you are doing it for the first time….but once we are connected the first time, it will be much easier after this!!!!
  • When you are given a link to a Zoom class for your first class, it’s always a good idea to follow it (and install Zoom) a while before the class is due to start, to give yourself time to install Zoom and make sure it’s all working.

  • If you have used Zoom before, that will be all you really need to know. I recommend that you ‘dial in’ using Internet Audio, so that I can hear you as well as you being able to hear me….

    Some general tips when accessing online classes (Zoom or otherwise):

  • If you have poor wifi at home, it can sometimes work better on your phone
  • If your internet isn’t great, try rebooting your hub/router half an hour before a class, to make sure everything is set up perfectly
  • Please use your camera, either on your phone or computer to check the best place to prop your phone, ipad or computer, so that I can see you…
  • Make sure your floor is not too hard for you to lie on…..use a mat or a folded over blanket. You may also need a towel or cushion for your head
  • Make sure you have enough room when you are sitting or lying down to move your arms and legs… think of the arm opening when lying on our side, working on all fours reaching opposite arm and leg away for example. Please let me know if you are at all restricted during the class
  • Enjoy the class. Be patient with those who encounter tech issues, and let’s work this out together!