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Looking for Pilates in Woodhouse?
We are Jane Thomas Pilates, and we run Pilates courses in Woodhouse and the surrounding areas. Jane and her team of fully qualified and experienced Pilates Coaches will guide you in your Pilates. From Absolute Beginners Pilates to Advanced Pilates and all stages in between, Jane and the team are there to help you.

What To Look For When Choosing Pilates in Woodhouse
Make sure the Pilates teacher you choose is qualified to the very least Level 3 with a nationally accredited body. Preferably, they should have further qualifications too, meaning the quality of Pilates coaching will be better.

There are Pilates teachers with lower qualifications than Level 3 (and indeed, some with none!), so beware.

Look also for considerable experience in your Pilates teacher along with higher continual professional development, for the best results.

When you start your journey into Pilates, it is imperative you have the right experience. The wrong Pilates experience when you start Pilates can do more harm then benefit. After all, if you want your house painted, you would choose an experienced, fully trained, qualified and specialised decorator. So it is with Pilates: you need to make sure your Pilates teacher is experienced, trained, qualified, and specialised.

All Jane Thomas Pilates Coaches are fully trained, qualified, and specialised, through nationally and internationally recognised and accredited bodies, and have the level of experience well over and above which you would expect for the most professional Pilates service — between us, we actually have over 60 years’ experience in the industry.

Finally, make sure class sizes are small (our classes average 12 people, and our Absolute Beginners classes have a guaranteed maximum of only 8 people). If you are in a class much larger than this, you simply cannot receive adequate personal coaching to make sure you are doing the Pilates exercises correctly and safely.

How To Get Started With Pilates In Woodhouse
There are several options for you if you are a Pilates Beginner. We run small-group (maximum 8 people) courses for Absolute Beginners; we run occasional Beginners Workshops, and we have a fully-equipped Studio in Loughborough where micro-group (maximum 3 people) and one-to-one Pilates Packages are available.

Money-Back Guarantee
We know that our Pilates is the absolute best you can get. We don’t brag, because we know we cannot be beaten — in the quality of what we deliver, our client feedback, and the results our Pilates brings. We offer a free taster class to anyone interested in joining us, because we want everyone to experience this absolute best Pilates without any hard-sell — we want you to sample our Pilates for yourself, and at no cost.

We know that once you have sampled a Pilates class with us, you will not find any better Pilates classes elsewhere. Our Pilates works for hundreds of people already in the Woodhouse and surrounding areas — and we want it to work for you too — and our offer of a free taster class is just the first of our gifts to you to give you an inkling of how our Pilates will benefit you.

More than that though, we are committed and passionate about our Pilates — so committed and passionate that we offer a complete money-back guarantee — if after two sessions with us you prefer not to stay in our Pilates family, we will refund your money — every penny — without quibble, without debate, and without wasting your time.

Matwork Courses

Jane and her team of Pilates Coaches run a number of Pilates Matwork Courses in the surrounding area. These courses are generally suited mostly for Improvers, though we do run courses specifically for Absolute Beginners.

Individual 1-to-1 Pilates Packages
If you prefer, at the Jane Thomas Pilates Centre Studio in Pilates in Loughborough Ltd, you can also have individual one-to-one tuition. These one-to-one Pilates Packages are ideal for Beginners to Pilates, as they allow your Pilates Instructor to work closely with you so you gain the maximum knowledge in the shortest time.

Pilates Reformers
The Jane Thomas Pilates Centre Studio also offers courses on Pilates Reformers. Individual one-to-one packages are also available using Pilates Reformers. Micro-group (four people) Pilates Reformer courses are also regularly held. The Pilates Reformer is the ideal tool to boost your Pilates to a super-level, difficult to attain with Matwork Pilates alone.

Whatever Pilates You Want In Woodhouse
Whatever you want from your journey in Pilates, Jane and her team of Pilates Instructors in the Jane Thomas Pilates family are here to help and support you.

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