Problems receiving our emails?

We are occasionally alerted to the fact that emails from us are sometimes going into people’s Junk Mail or Spam folders. We know that some people don’t even see some of our emails because of this.

You can imagine how irritating this is to us…

The problem is that some free email providers — Hotmail AOL, Live, Yahoo, Outlook (to name some of the most prone providers) — suffer from so much Junk Mail and Spam on their systems that, rather than allowing the customer ie, you to decide what is and what isn’t spam, they
have taken it upon themselves to label emails as spam en masse, in an effort to reduce the amount getting through to customers: and — unhappily — sometimes our emails get caught up in this mass labelling.

There is absolutely nothing that we can do about this ourselves, unfortunately — it is an email provider issue that we have no control over.

However, we can give you some tips and techniques to resolve the issue if you are expecting an email from us and think this may be happening. So here we go (it’s a bit technical unfortunately, but the important bits are coloured, with the most important instructions in

1 the first thing to note is that if you are reading emails on a phone or tablet, you probably won’t see the email at all — even if you look in your phone’s or tablet’s Junk Mail or Spam folder… this is because the Junk Mail or Spam folders on your phone or tablet are usually a stripped down version of the main folders

2 because of this you need to login to your email account using a computer to view the Junk Mail or Spam folders

3 not only do you need to login using a computer, you also need to use a web browser to login to your email account — if you use a mail application, such as Outlook or Apple Mail, you still may not see the central Junk Mail or Spam folders. Instead you MUST use a web browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari etc) to login to your mail account

4 once you’ve logged in using a web browser on a computer, hopefully you can locate the central Junk Mail or Spam folder and you’ll find the expected email in there

5 all email providers are different, but hopefully you will be able to mark the email as Not Junk, or Trusted

6 some email providers have a facility where you can type in the email address of any emails that you specifically want to be Trusted. If so, you might want to add our email addresses into this facility. These are our main email addresses, if you can and would like to do this:

  • Jane:
  • Keith:
  • Office:

If all else fails and you’re still not receiving emails from us into your Inbox, please get in touch with Keith who may be able to offer some more technical help.